Quality & Safety

Becoming the Best Builder we can be, takes a company-wide passion to deliver certainty for each and every client. Inherent in this result is an expectation of quality. For Titanium Building Group, quality is standard practice every day.

All Titanium Building Group employees and tradespeople are provided the training and tools to produce results. More than a program, ours is an approach focused on identifying and eliminating potential issues together, so the quality standards achieved on each and every Titanium Building Group project are truly quality in every aspect.

Quality is part of our Culture at Titanium Building Group

At Titanium Building Group, “quality” is not a single activity but a series of many linked activities integrated into our day-to-day commercial construction and project management process. These are proactively planned, performed and tracked from the earliest stages of a project during preconstruction, through construction and past final completion. By embedding quality activities into our process, we focus on building the project right the first time, not adding layers of departments and management.

Safety – Our Priority on a Daily Basis

Titanium Building Group’s number one priority year after year, is to ensure that our employees and team members return home safely to their loved ones each night.

We are a company where family is a key ingredient—and a company where employees are viewed as our greatest and most valuable asset. But more importantly, we emphasize safety, because simply, it’s the right thing to do. At Titanium Building Group we’ve made the quest for a zero injury work environment and implement a zero tolerance safety program.

Our zero tolerance safety program is actively managed by a trained and dedicated staff of safety professionals and is best summarized in four words: Communication, Training, Motivation and Monitoring. These points are reinforced in the following ways:

  • Titanium Building Group’s detailed Safety Guidelines are continually updated to provide the highest level of loss control and available to all employees.
  • A safe work environment is provided by preplanning and by minimizing and eliminating hazards. Where existing hazards cannot be eliminated, their harmful effects are minimized through environmental controls, training in safe work methods, and by providing and requiring the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Each Titanium Building Group team member is trained to develop and maintain the skills required to perform their work safely.
  • Communications between Titanium Building Group team members and supervisors are an important part of our program and are used to expedite handling of suggestions for the minimizing and elimination of work hazards.
  • Regular motivation methods such as lunches and on-going merchandise/incentive awards are employed to encourage employee participation in safe work methods and correcting onsite conditions.
  • Scheduled and surprise inspections are conducted regularly to identify potentially unsafe conditions and to provide immediate correction.
  • Before each work activity our foremen have been trained to perform a hazard analysis with their crew to discuss how to safely perform each task assigned.
  • Our drug and alcohol abuse testing not only protects our employees from impaired individuals but encourages individuals to seek help if they should need professional counseling with regard to a substance abuse problem.
  • Each employee is trained with regard to our safety expectations as well as those requested to be observed by the owner. Orientation of the project rules and project layout is also done prior to starting work.
  • Before any employee takes to the field their supervisor meets with them in the job site office to explain how important their safety is to him/her and to the company.
  • All new hires are identified so that our seasoned employees can mentor them while working on site.