Corporate Initiatives

Titanium Building Group is committed to promoting sustainable building practices in the industry. From recycling in main and field offices to constructing all levels of LEED® Certified buildings, Titanium Building Group is making an impact in reducing its carbon footprint on the World. The Titanium Building Group Team includes many LEED accredited professionals and encourages others to become accredited. As a part of our dedication to sustainability we are open to suggestions on how Titanium Building Group can further create a positive impact on our environment.

LEED Initiatives

Titanium Building Group understands what it takes to make a difference. Through the education of our people, we are setting the standard in the construction industry. Since the beginning of 2009, we have encouraged all Titanium Building Group employees to become familiar with the LEED accreditation and process. We have supported several individuals through the LEED AP program. With the increased knowledge base of our people we are paving the way for success on any type of project.

Titanium Building Group is proud to announce
We are a U.S. Green Building Council Member.
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Community Outreach

Titanium Building Group encourages its employees to dedicate as much time and passion to the community as they do the company. Employees are always exploring new opportunities to enrich the communities they serve. Through community outreach, Titanium Building Group employees obtain valuable leadership skills ultimately benefiting their personal and professional life.